A Grand Piano Tribute to the Grateful Dead (Remastered): CD
  • A Grand Piano Tribute to the Grateful Dead (Remastered): CD
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Self-recorded in 2015 and remastered two years later by the Dead’s legendary mastering engineer, Jeffrey Norman, Rob’s original Grateful Dead release combines the silvery sound of his solo piano style with the magic of the Dead’s original compositions. From the opening “Jack Straw” to the half-hour medley culminating in “Dark Star” to the wistful “Rosemary” at album’s end, classic Dead compositions are brought to life in a thoroughly enjoyable new way. Catterton has the ear and the chops to do justice to the genius of Jerry Garcia and his fellow musicians, and the Dead’s musical adventurousness lives on in this, the first and original full-length album release of Grateful Dead music by a solo pianist. “Bird Song” received national airplay on Sirius XM’s “Tales from the Golden Road” as well as on the nationally-syndicated “Grateful Dead Radio.

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