David Gans 
Noted Grateful Dead musician, writer,
broadcaster, and renaissance man:

 “. . . and Rob Catterton, who is a piano player with a really really wonderful record. You know, we’ve been talking about Holly Bowling and her solo piano – Rob also has a record of solo piano interpretations of Grateful Dead music called “A Grand Piano Tribute to the Grateful Dead,” which is also quite wonderful and very different. It’s interesting to hear two different piano players taking on that wonderul body of work, and I really have enjoyed Rob Catterton’s record as well.” (fundraising marathon, KPFA Berkeley)

Jeffrey Norman
Grateful Dead mixing and mastering engineer
for over 200 archival live & studio albums:  

I downloaded and sampled a number of pieces…Jack Straw, Bird Song, Prelude, Dark Star…what a treat to hear these songs in a thoroughly new way. It’s very enjoyable. I like the playing and the interpretations." (from a personal email, before he remastered my album.)

Blair Jackson
Author of Garcia: An American Life,
and other landmark books on the Grateful Dead:

|Rob gave me a copy of this when I was doing a book thang with David Gans in Petaluma a few months ago, but, as fate would have it, I just got around to listening to it the other day for the first time. Some very cool stuff on there! Excellent song selection (“Dark Star,” “That's It for the Other One,” “Rosemary” (!), “Bird Song,” et al) all well-done. Between this and Holly Bowling's excellent double-CD of GD piano, we've had quite a bounty of great keyboard Dead recently. . ." (From Facebook)

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